Expression Maps with Kontakt & Spitfire SO, Secret Sauce?

I just acquired the Spitfire Symphony Orchestra, made up expression maps for all instruments (no, the BBC SO EM’s were different). However, the “natural” note which plays the long note (as usual) doesn’t turn off when another articulation starts, it layers up. Most aggravating is that a measure later it does shut off and the new articulation plays perfectly. Is there a Dorico EM and/or Kontakt setting I am overlooking?? Thanks in advance for any help!
(Dorico 5 newest patch, Kontakt 7, Win 10 64bit)

I’ve noticed that issue with Spitfire SO too. Haven’t investigated thoroughly yet.

*** UPDATE *** from RobG7
So with some experimenting, I discovered that the Spitfire UACC specification helped this out. I changed ONE thing in the expression map: Change the “Natural” setting to CC32, value of 1. Delete the Keyswitch all together. Leave all other articulations with the keyswitch values. Leave the Kontakt setting on key switch only (the default), and Poof! it works. The long note comes on when the song starts and when new long notes are used and turns off for other articulations. What a relief!! Hope this helps someone besides me. 8>)
I will add that the new library seems quite nice!

Hello Rob,
are you willing to share your expression Maps? I must confess, that I not have not enough knowledge and experience, to make them by my self.


I started making my own EMs for the new SSO, but it’s a daunting task. However I did get them to work pretty well with brass which is what I’ve gotten up to so far (a bit bummed the Trombones don’t have solo legato!).

If it helps, I am using all UACC KS, and mutual exclusion groups were necessary to address some issues which are likely what you’re facing here. Sounds like you got it to work, but generally if articulations aren’t resetting or firing simultaneously, that’s the first place I look.

Hey Rob, I also got the same Spitfire SO a few days ago and having troubles getting the expression maps to work. I’m new to all of it. Would you mind sharing your expression maps?