Expression Maps

Hello everyone,

I’m starting using Expression Maps with Albion One and CC32 mapping

Why when you delete an Attribute, the note is deleted too? How to deal with this?
When would you use Attribute or Direction ?? For what I understand, Attribute would be proper to Short notes like Staccato and Direction would be proper to techniques like Pizzicato.

Is the Note Expression an alternative to Expression Maps?

Thank you guys for your feedback!


These are Articulations. Set it to None (by clicking to the currently selected one in the Info View).

Hi Martin,

Do you mean for the CC32 mapping or the Attribute?? Sorry I don’t get you?

Now, I’m not sure if we are talking about the same. What I did:

  • Make an Expression Map. In the Sound Slots make a slot with Dynamics > Accents, as Art. 1.
  • Add a MIDI Track, select the Expression Map you just created. Draw a MIDI Note.
  • Open Controller Line > Articulations/Dynamics in the Key Editor. And add Accent to your MIDI Note.
  • Change your mind, delete the Accent.
    => The MIDI Note is deleted too.

Is this the same what you do?

Yes, the MIDI note is deleted too. And this happens only with Attribute.

So you were saying to set it to None, I guess, in the Expression Map Setup > Sound Slot.
Ok, this prevent to delete the MIDI note above it but this also delete the all Articulation lane so how could I do if I want to remove only few Accents without deleting the notes or the all Articulations/Dynamics??

I had this issue some years ago. I actually only needed Directions but had accidentally left some as Attribute when creating the map.

As is often the case for stuff like this vic_france had the answer. Unfortunately I don’t really recall the answer & couldn’t find the thread. But it was something non-intuitive. It might have been if you apply the Attribute a second time it removes it. Or…?

Give that a try & if it doesn’t work I’ll ask vic to chime in (if he hasn’t already while I’m typing).

I always set everything to direction. I find it’s much easier that way.

Try this:
click on the Attribute with the Draw tool.
Or hold Alt and click if Objet Selection tool is selected.

Holly s… it works!!! Thanks Maestro!