expression maps

Can anyone please confirm if the expression maps work correctly. Im using vienna symphonic library and on c7 the maps dont work as expected. Even the pitch of the notes changes… Had to go back to C6 to work…

I don’t have this problem. All’s working fine here. You should probably check your setup.
How does the pitch change? Is there anything else wrong besides the pitch?

Exactly the same thing happens to me. When I play the low keys (C-2 to A#-2), wich normally control the articulations in VSL instruments, the MIDI Impulse is registered in the track but nothing moves in the expression maps list in the inspector! The two green arrows don’t move downwards to the different articulations and the VSL instruments either does not recieve any impulse or only wrong ones. I sent an e-mail to Steinberg on dec. 21st but nothing happened yet.

bobbydee, just to check, have you made sure your expression map keyswitches are set an octave lower than they are in the Vienna instruments player?

Yes, the expression maps were used with Cubase 6.5 and they worked fine