Expression Maps

Anyone have Expression Maps that they would like to share :smiley:

Wow :open_mouth: no one ? I am working on my own but I would like to
see other ones of the same for comparison :smiley:

I posted a bunch of expression maps for 8DIOs Adagio Strings the same day you posted this. Maybe there aren’t too many with 8DIO stuff, but it got a total of 24 views in the forum.

I’ve posted the info other places too. Not much of a reaction.

I’ve also had some people go “meh”. They tried and don’t like expression maps. Steinberg slack of updates ( no new maps, no needed updates to the expression editor functionality) makes me wonder if the technology is at a dead end as far as development.

I love Expression Maps, it’s one of the few reasons I work with Cubase instead of Logic X. Very a time saver for orchestral librairies (VSL, Kontakt).

I don’t share it because most of my maps are made for my custom presets. Maybe I’ll take the time to export those presets and their Expressions maps someday.

I agree the expression map editor could be optimized. Copy, paste, duplicate and learn fonctions in the editor. Articulations input via Midi Input (without recording) and key commands. The articulation lane should move up and down in the key editor when using large maps.

…and I would like to be able to expand the ‘name’ column. the map titles are forced to be exceedingly cryptic.