Expression Maps

There is request about Expression Maps ability in Cubase:

In Cubase 7 there was possibility to see as many strings (remote keys) in expression map on track inspector, as allows display resolution/display size. From version 7.5 only 12 strings appeared, scrolling is very unusable for fast work… Best way is to make possible to switch view of expression map to new, separate window with all articulation showed at once (it can be more than one column, as showed on example picture. For now many users necessary to use third-party soft, like TransMIDIfier (see picture) for switching articulations… Also, Expression Maps in Cubase needs to be possible switch not only MIDI-channel, but also MIDI-port/device, for complex instruments (if instrument has more than 16 articulations)

Best regards,
Vadim Kupriyanov
Expression maps separate window example.jpg