Expression maps

it would be nice to skip a couple of steps to program the intended keystroke usage. At this point I need to choose an articulation in the “Art1” column, Then go to the lower right box, choose"text" so that the actual articulation I am using will show in the keyboard editor, and then enter it again in the description column.

Also, with “direction” it seems the the key switching will revert back to a different note than the last one touched. In other words, I might not hit A-1 last but it will revert back to that after recording a different key switch. w If I drag that articulation I’ve seen this in sevrl forums and I’ve had to add a “ghost” note and put it at the top in the bottom right column so that aftger my last articulation entry it will go to that instead and preserve the last previous entry.

The “custom” articulation in the Art.1 column doesn’t seem to work. If I enter a name in that column, none of the keystrokes will record. Maybe I don’t understand that feature.