Expression on sequence-ending notes not observed?

Thanks for the update, this is a big step forward!

I’ve noticed two weird things, though: In a sequence of notes, an articulated note will sound unarticulated if the following note has a different articulation (or none). For example, in this sequence, the circled notes sound just like normal notes:

Similary, in this example, all the notes sound alike:
expressions 2.png
During note input, I noticed that when pressing an “articulation key”, the default note sound is played (where it would probably make sense to play the sound with the chosen articulation, if anything is to be played at all). When articulations are removed or edited in an existing note, no sound is played. Is it intended that way?

(Edit: Corrected “accidental” in a few places to “articulation”)

I’ve fixed the playback of these for the next update.

Re: note input, yes, it probably should play back with the correct sound at that point, but this isn’t yet implemented.