Expression on tied notes

How to put a p or f or other on other than the first note of a series of tied notes.
I’m copying music that has a “p” on the last note of a tied series.

Press Shift D produces popup over the first note.

Plus how to get a “dim.” Since if you type it into the popup you get a hairpin.

The popup should put your dynamic where you have your caret, so you’ll just have to move the caret.

You should be able to change the hairpin to a “dim.” in the properties panel (bottom panel) under “Gradual style”.

Thanks Rob. But every time I want “dim.” ??

You’re welcome Anders. You can select the default behavior under Dynamics in Engraving Options (accessible form Engraving mode)

But then when I wanted a hairpin I’d have to change the default?
Surely it would be better that if I type “dim” in the popup I get “dim” and if I type < or > I get a hairpin.

I agree

The default applies to the whole project (and it’s retrospective - if you change the default, everything with the default formatting in your score changes)

The idea of picking up text like “cresc” or “dim” from the popover instead of using the properties panel, or by clicking in the dynamics panel on the right of the screen, was discussed in another thread a few days ago.