Expression pedal conniptions

I just purchased a Roland VR-730 and an Ernie Ball 250K Mono volume (expression) pedal.
The pedal works fine in live playing situation and even in Cubase as long as Record Mode is not armed.

However, when I want to record into Cubase the meters throws a fit,
and I hear a lot of crackling and popping.

As long as I don’t arm Record mode in Cubase the expression pedal works fine.
But as soon as i arm Cubase and start to record all hell breaks loose.

Attached is the Key Editor screen with Expression cc11 in view.
I pressed the pedal 2 or 3 times max.

As soon as I disarm Recording Mode, the level meters calm down and nothing appears to be wrong.
Any ideas where I might look to solve this problem?

Looks like it is receiving 2 lots of data.

It’s receiving lots and lots of data.
And I’ve confirmed that it is definitely within Cubase while Record mode is armed as I tried two other expression pedals both with the same results.
I’m tempted to trash my Preferences File…
I wonder if I could isolate what pieces of data in the Preferences could be causing this,
and then just remove that part of the Preferences File… Anybody?

Ok, found the problem.
In Preferences --> MIDI
the MIDI Thru Active needs to be unchecked… hence the two lots of data.
MIDI Thru Inactive for Roland.jpg