Expression & Percussion Map Playback Issues

You would need to create your own. There are hundreds of glyphs to choose from (eg Beaters Pictograms U+E770 to U+E7EF)

“Single” saves you specifying the instrument in the percussion map for each entry. With “Multiple”, you are specifying which wood block (in this instance) on the staff the keyswitch applies to. Dorico needs to know that in order to send to the right key in the VST.

Mallets: some types are available by default but, as Janus says, you will need to create playback techniques for those that are missing.

XP map: if you want to use velocity crossfades, for example, set up your Natural Volume dynamic as required there.

Thanks Janus!

About EM’s & PM’s
As I dig in deeper into this area, I’m finding that maybe too many of them start to overload Dorico and slows it down when working on the project, as well as not respond to all the EM/PM changes the score requires of it to do in playback.
So I pose this question:
As of now with the way things are with Dorico Pro 5, is it better to have an EM &/or PM with all the possible variables for multiple instruments that share the same midi notes and key switches, or is it better to have individual EM &/or PM for each individual instrument?

Smaller expression maps are definitely more efficient for Dorico to work with.

Reading you answer again made me think that you didn’t really answer my question, so let me rephrase:
Having a PM that contains about 150 to 200 combinations of key switches and playback techniques, is it better to have such a PM for one instrument alone? (e.g.: SYzd Perc. Cymbal Ride 20")

It doesn’t matter whether the same expression map is used by multiple instruments: the important thing is to try to keep the number of switches in each expression map to the smallest number possible.

So it then sounds like Dorico can’t handle EM/PM’s of more complex plugins like VSL, for now.
Does the Dorico team have an idea of what the max key switches per EM/PM it can handle comfortably?

Works with VSL just fine for me. Fairly complicated XP maps for Dimension Strings, and lengthy PMs for Synchronized percussion Toms – sets of 6 high & 7 low, with identical switches for each individual instrument separated by one octave at a time.

Hi Marcabru,
Thanks for your input. I’m wondering which EM/PM’s you’re using; those created by VSL or those created by you?
I did a session with John Barron on creating a PM for the SYzd Woodblock set and have applied what I learned to other EM/PM’s I’ve created afterwards.
The frustrating part of my saga is that I’m creating a piece for String Quartet and several percussion instruments. As I’ve progressed the file has gotten less and less responsive. Now to just erase a note it takes forever to process it.
I’ve been wondering if using the Vienna Ensemble PRO 7 app. may be the culprit of all this. Or if the different PM’s I’ve created for the percussion instruments are what’s slowing down everything.
Do you use VEP7?

VEPro is a force for good – among other things, it manages CPU load very well, and can improve the performance of certain VSTs (such as Kontakt) compared to their free-standing options.

There are so many variables that affect performance. Larger projects and more detailed VST libraries have an impact, but so too does CPU, memory and storage.

If you’re finding the project very slow to respond, and the problem is related to the expression maps you’ve defined, then we’ll be able to replicate that ourselves, regardless of whether we have the appropriate VSL libraries available (I, for one, don’t). So by all means attach the project here.

Hi Daniel,
I can’t send you the file due to it’s size. I even cut it down but still surpasses the size limit here. Can I send it to you in some other way? The file keeps slowing down when editing, it crashes when in idle for a while, it even stops playback of some of the playing tech. on the score, like gliss. up/down on the string instruments, even though they were performed fine, before and have the corresponding EM’s needed.
Getting very frustrated, especially since my deadline to present this project is coming up soon.
Here’s the diagnostics report:
Dorico (994.4 KB)

In any case, any help will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

People in the past have used Dropbox or WeTransfer for large files and posted a link to the file here.

Here’s a retransfer link to the project sample

I’m away from my home office and therefore from my development environment, but I’ll try to take a look at this over the weekend if I can.

I appreciate your time and consideration.
Thank you

Hi again. I have finished reinstalling my OS and other apps I use. Opened up my last project (String Quartet #005v4.dorico). All the created instruments, EM’s/PM’s created, Endpoints and playback templates created, plus playing & playback techniques created are all showing up as expected.
I worked on this project for about two hours and I was only able to accomplish editing in engrave mode, under note spacing, about 7 ornaments for one percussion instrument. Saw the color spinning wheel turning many times in between each space move of an individual note.
I can’t think of anything else to do to get this project to respond faster than this.
I am open to any suggestions.

I’m sorry that I didn’t manage to download and look at the project before the WeTransfer link above expired. Could you please send it again, and I’ll try to take a look today?