expression problem

I have a 3 parts score imported from Sibelius. The violin part produces a very low note every time the expression lane shows an event (always “natural”). The other parts play okay.
How do I get rid of this ?

Export from Sibelius without keyswitches. That low note is almost certainly a keyswitch.
If you export as XML rather than MIDI, you should not have this problem.

It is imported via mxl… (compressed file… - not xml…)

I did another import - actually two - both xml and mxl. And this time I get no low note.
Must have been an import or export glitch…
All is well now :slight_smile:

I expect the problem was in fact caused by having the wrong VST expression map chosen in the Endpoint Setup dialog for the channel playing the viola: if there’s a mismatch there, then a note that is supposed to produce a change of playing technique but which is not mapped to a keyswitch in the patch that’s actually being used will produce a low pedal note instead. Changing the VST expression map in Endpoint Setup is the way to solve this.

I didn’t do anything in either Sibelius or Dorico other than importing again - so something must have changed by itself… :astonished: