Expression text results

Granted I’m duplicating older music but I’m finding it difficult in one respect.
The music uses “dim.” in some places and hairpins in others. It is a real pain to have to use the properties panel each time if the opposite one appears.
I can’t see really why typing “dim” in the popup should result in a hairpin since if I wanted a hairpin I would have typed a < or >.

A few people have mentioned this, and possibly it’s something we will change. Our rationale for always producing a hairpin when you type any of the sequences that give rise to a gradual dynamic is that the user might not know that they are setting per-item overrides when they e.g. type “dim” and get a “dim.” text gradual dynamic rather than a hairpin, so they might then be surprised when they change the default appearance of a gradual dynamic in Engraving Options and only some of the dynamics in their project change. But, as I say, a few people have mentioned it here, and a couple of beta testers have mentioned it too, so I’m open to the possibility of changing this as and when we can.

Thanks Daniel. My vote is in of course.