expression text


What is the easiset way to enter expression text into the score at the right place?

This should be a basic, intuitve function. Finale does this well and easily.

I have tried using the text box, but moving this around is difficult.

I have tried using a dynamic then typing in the text. This works partly, but fails when the dynamic does not need to change. By this method, I have to restate the same dynamic to include the expressive text. E.g mf expressio … mf animato the second mf is redundant.

I cant find a realistic soultion on the forum or the manual or the instruction videos.

You can enter “mf animato” and then hide the dynamic mark using the properties panel.

Or you can create staff text with the X popover and change it to italic.

If you want to use the same marking a lot, you can create a playing technique for it and format it the way you want. (You don’t actually need to make it play back.) Then you can enter it with one click in the playing techniques panel, or define your own shortcut in the popover. That might be the method that is the most similar to FInale.