Expressions maps not triggering articulations

My expression maps have the correct keywitches yet for instance, when I notate staccato in my score it will still play as legato. Ive included screenshots below to assist anyone who may have a potential solution.

I don’t know if I’m imagining it but from your screenshot, it looks like you’ve mapped to G-1 and not G1 as the library requires?

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Slightly OT. It is a good idea always to include a natural base switch in your maps. This is the sound Dorico will default to in the absence of any other articulation/playback technique, or it encounters a combination of techniques that it cannot understand.

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I’m assuming that the map is unfinished as there are a number of other articulations in the library on the screenshot but of course it’s absolutely true you should always have a natural

I suspect two things:

  • A direction-type switch remaining open.
  • The lack of an exclusion map that could cut an articulation when another one is selected.


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