Expressive E Touche

Hi - is it possible to connect a Touche to a soft synth (in my case, Equator 2)? I would like to be able to control key synth macros globally whilst using an MPE controller on a per note basis. I currently have the synth functioning correctly in Layers, the Touche is selected in Connections and Midi Monitor indicates that it is receiving the associated CCs. What I’m unclear about is how to link them together. Any next steps guidance gratefully received!



You should check “Devices/Actions and Shortcuts”, or use the “Learn” button at the bottom left. You can then control Layer, or MIDI track functions such as volume etc remotely.
If you want to control your plugin with both a keyboard, and another external controller at the same time, that is not possible yet, you cannot combine MIDI Inputs yet (we are working on that). But using Quick Controls, you can still remote control up to 8 assignable parameters of your plugin using “Actions and Shortcuts”, and/or “Learn”, which is a simple way to program Actions.

Thanks, musicullum - that’s what I needed. One minor point - when I click on the field below each QC, I am presented with a vast array of variables - more than can fit on the page. Is there some way to resize the list so they can all be seen ( and thus chosen)?



we have changed the QC-Parameter selection with the latest Pre-Release. Have a look here and here.

See you.

Hi - Just to ask if there is any progress on combining midi inputs in a single layer, as mentioned above? I would like to be able to run Expressive E’s Lie with the Touche without if possible, programming QCs. In Cubase, that requires all midi inputs to be available to a single track.

Many thanks, MCDM

… yes, that’s the next step.