ext. FX connections lost after importing project

Ok, I’m a little bit on a rant here now but keep in mind I’m generally very satisfied with Cubase and Nuendo in its current state and work with it every day. Here it goes: one of the most annoying and time consuming bugs is the fact that external FX connections are lost when I import a project from one DAW to another (have two work places). I use a lot of reverb and FX devices as hardware inserts in Nuendo and Cubase. The I/O has a total preset I can recall and everything is setup correctly within seconds but not with the external connections to my hardware - it always says ‘Not Connected’ and there is no preset to reset to the current state! This an annoying big waste of time to reset sometimes dozens of connections. Because the strange thing is that this is NOT remembered as a default setting. Recalling other projects also don’t have the connections re-established. This is something that should have been corrected since years. The handling of external hardware effects is exemplary but this oversight of not having a separate preset handling for this makes it quirky.

Agree. I have only few external devices. But sometimes they connections are lost. Another thing is that little insert “plugin”. It would be very help to attach to it picture or can write here external device settings like compressor knobs, etc. Srudio One have it interesting. If Im not wrong you can rout any phisical IN and OUT to “plugin” and its remembered in session.

What do you mean with this?

You can rout every time any IN and OUTs it that insert plugin, not “for ever” like in VSTconnections. More flexibility.

Flexibility is not the problem here and my goal is to have a reliable total recall situation with all my external hardware.