[???] Ext VSTi loads ON in spite of being OFF

An external VSTi (to my piano) is turned off in F11 but always sounds after loading the project and Cubase at the same time (creating an echo on playing back the piano).


  • Use a project set up to playback MIDI on an external instrument through Cubase.

  • Make sure the VSTi Device is loaded (F11) and ON. It helps to leave F11 open and on top.

  • Playback should give you an echo.

  • Now turn the VSTi in F11 OFF.

  • No echo now on Playback.

  • Save the project.

  • Shutdown Cubase, then reopen it and the project you just saved.

  • In F11, note that the VSTi is OFF.

  • Playback gives you an echo nevertheless.

  • In F11, turn the VSTi ON and OFF again.

  • No echo again on Playback.

Cubase hasn’t recognised the OFF state of the External VSTi.

  • Leaving Cubase open, close the project and reopen it.
  • This time, the OFF state of the VSTi is recognised and there’s no echo.

Once it’s been told Cubase gets it right but only until you close it.

Can anyone confirm?