Extend a written melody to chords (with midi-input)

I have a written melody with chord symbols like this:

How can I add harmony to the melody like this:

without having to rewrite the whole thing? So in other words: can I use the already written note length and add notes below (or above it) I know I could use shift+I to add intervals but I would like doing it by use of the (midi-)keyboard

With the input cursor active hit Q to enter chord mode. You’ll now be adding additional harmony to whatever you input instead of replacing it. If you hit L for Lock Duration, you won’t even have to input durations and you can simply input the additional harmony you want to add by playing it on your MIDI keyboard.

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And with Q and L both on, press Space to advance to the next note, regardless of duration.

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If one is entering via a MIDI keyboard, so long as one keeps the melody note(s) as the top note of a chord, one can lock duration with L and forget about chord mode (Q) altogether.

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Thank you so much, that’s the solution @FredGUnn.
And thank you @Mark_Johnson for the space to advance. Never really used that one.

Also tried @Derrek’s option, actually both have their advantages.

  • L & Q to add to the already written topnote
  • L to overwrite the melody while maintaining the note length
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