Extend character name space box above plugin window (easier reading)

CB Team,

The present name display box that sits above each main plugin gui next to the RW SC buttons etc only displays a limited number of characters.

Missing out on the advantage of longer descriptive preset names, variants of presents names that start off with the same name in the first few characters. With the blank space further along, could some of this please be used to help display longer preset names.

Also, an alternative to the above or to compliment.

Could the filter, results, box snap to the right side of the plugin and remain open as you cycle through your presets.

Right now this box opens up in front of the plugin window and after you select a preset the box then closes down.

It may only be a native plugin thing but Groove Agent extends the browser window out on the right-hand side and remains open while you cycle through sounds and as a bonus it also gives you all the benefits of seeing all the attributes/tags.

Can any of this be extended to third-party plugins?