Extend event to the left?

Hey guys,

Maybe a silly question but how does ones extend an audio events beginning to the left for the purpose of lining things up. For example you start recording a vocal part right after the bar and you want to extend the part to the bar so you can easily line it up somewhere else in the song ?

I have been creating false parts and then selecting all together because I don’t known how to extend the part


use the range selector tool :

, Highlight the clip and region you would like to have as an audio event and bounce. (my bounce key command is Ctrl B , you might have to find out what the "standard key command is)

No sorry i just mean drag recorded parts like make the even larger to the left without effecting the audio just for lining thing up etc, you can do it in other daws

Hi realizment2,

Firstly I apologise if I’ve completely misunderstood your question but if you’re simply asking how do you copy say a vocal part (or parts) recorded in say the first chorus and you want the same recording in every chorus you simply select the snap type/Grid Relative and then Alt/drag and drop and move them to the other choruses.

Selecting Grid Relative means that where ever you started recording (even if it’s not in time) it will remember that exact position when you drag that audio to another section of your song and this is why there is no need to extend audio events.

Has this helped and if not please explain in more detail?

Have a nice day and look forward to hearing from you soon.

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James Colah


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You can not extend an audio event to the left, if there is no material recorded with the length you need to extend.

use the range selection tool… select the area you want (including the free space in front) , bounce.

You will have extra space in the front of the event, the audio is unchanged. no need to drag, all lined up.

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Depending on what you’re trying to do, jamescolah’s suggestion along with some slip editing (Ctrl+Alt and drag over the event) may work. Also experiment with adjusting the snap point (the S square at the beginning of an Audio Event when you open the Sample Editor).

To answer your question more directly, the way this is usually done in Cubase is by using Audio → Events to Part. It’s a good idea to assign this to a Key Command if you plan to do this a lot.

If you’re bad at remembering Key Commands, there’s also another method: Hold Alt to draw a dummy Audio Part to the left of your Audio Event and then glue them together. This is slower than using a Key Command, but it’s not too bad.

Yep. That’s how I would do it.