Extend MIDI notes to end of event

AFAIK, there is no one click solution for this? Some other DAWS have a feature where you can single click to extend all MIDI notes in an event to the end of the event. Current quickest option in Cubase is:

  • Set quantize value, quantize ends to say 1/1 (using shirtcut), drag to end of event. Still have to clean up some notes though.

Legato works for single notes, or a single chord in an event where all notes start at the exact same position, but it wont extend the earlier chords to the end of the event. Something I find I do with clusters and crescendos a bit. Is this doable with a macro?


Hi Atardecer. I usually use the Legato feature. Although I agree with you that it’s annoying how it doesn’t work well with chords. You can also quantize the ends of notes (Quantize MIDI Event Lengths) with a key command and then extend/shorten (Nudge - End Right) selected notes with a different command.

Hope that helps.