Extend slur with Keyboard?

Is there some way to extend a slur with the keyboard? When I’m pumping through copying music, and I press “S” to insert the slur, in that other product, you can press the right-arrow to extend the slur. I’d prefer not to have to select notes first, or to grab the slur with the mouse. Am I missing something? I can’t find this, if so. Thanks! (I tend to add slurs after entering the notes, which means I can’t use the S/Shift-S combination.)

Yes, you can use Shift+Alt+right arrow to extend the slur, and Shift+Alt+left arrow to retract it again.

Cool! Thanks so much. And thanks for this wonderful software. I was fast with Sibelius. I’m much faster with Dorico!

You’re very welcome. I’m really glad you’re enjoying using Dorico.