Extend the Size of the Equalizer of each Channel

Hi everyone, I have cubase 11, I wanted to know if in version 12 or in future ones, there will be the possibility to extend the size of the equalizer (graphic / digital) of each channel, it would be very useful, thanks

Can someone give me an answer about it?

It’s the same in C12. If you’re making a feature request, use the tag.

Sorry, could you kindly tell me how to make the tag and who should I assign it to? I’m not very experienced in this, thanks

Steve can you help me?

Please have a look at the Forum Guide

Hi Steve,i read the guide and also the paragraph where it explains how to tag posts, but i can’t do it, my threads i can’t tag them

I also had the same problem with your colleague Martin.Jirsak, who told me that to tag I would have to click on the pencil symbol next to the Topic title,

But as you can see, even from our conversation of 12-2021 and from the photo,I cannot add tags in my topics once I have created them, if you can please help me solve this so I can also tag other topics that I had created in precedence.

thanks for your patience and help

Mr. Martin must have added the tags to that December topic, I have never been able to do so and he has never answered me again about it

You cannot do this because you’re still in the Basic tier (Trust Level 1), as your badge says.
Editing your own posts is only possible starting from the Member tier (Trust Level 2).

OK, now we understand why, no one had ever communicated it to me, on the contrary they insisted on telling me to insert the tag, at this point I ask, if possible, the administrators to insert the “feature request” tag on my topic, thanks

I’ve added the #feature-request tag for you.