Extended colors in cubase 11? Where are they?

I only have 16 colors to chose from . There is no option to use other colors, to change/alter them, no menu, nothing in preferences.

Is my cubase corrupt somehow, or is this feature removed?
If someone sends me an older project with different colors, that works, and their custom colors all show up, and more than 16, but in my own projects I cannot change this at all. I have really tried, but I might have missed something.

Anyone has the same experience, or know what I am missing?
I have the latest update of 11 pro


Project → Project Color Settings?
2. tab presets: number of colours
3. tab options: save as default for other projects

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Yes did you check above?

I’m not sure of the standard number of colors Cubase comes with. But I know for myself I need many more colors. I’m using around 180 at the moment.

There are several users who have designed and sell Cubase color packs, and probably more who have used created their own.

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Thank you! I was going crazy not finding this. I think it was different in 10. Funny because I got 11 immediately, I just didn’t think about it. And you can’t change the colors from the the menu, like before, and there is nothing in preferences anymore. Ok, in project now.

I have used cubase for over 20 years. But there are still things to learn :slight_smile:

Thanks a bunch!