Extended glissando support in the MusicXML import

I just tried to import some glissandos from MusicXML files to Dorico. Dorico import the glissandos with the default settings (line-type and text). However, Dorico ignore the line-type attribute and the text content. I would like to import those as well to be able to use the line types and texts Dorico support today.

What I want to achieve is to import Music XMLs with discrete glissandos as wavy line + glissando/gliss text; continuous glissandos as straight line + glissando/gliss. text; and portamentos as straight line without text.

Thanks for the request, Gustaf. What I find is that Dorico imports the glissando type (straight/solid versus wavy), but it doesn’t import the text on the line. Dorico does not at present have the capability to show arbitrary text on a glissando line, so it would be somewhat limited in only being able to show either “gliss.” or “port.”, but I agree that this is something we should add in future. I’ll make sure it is on our backlog.

Thanks Daniel,
I tried with code like this but there’s no difference, I get the default line in Dorico. Does it work for you?

    <glissando type=“start” line-type=“solid”/>


    <glissando type=“start” line-type=“wavy”/>

Reading the Music XML Reference it say:

A <glissando> sounds the distinct notes in between the two pitches and defaults to a wavy line.


A <slide> is continuous between the two pitches and defaults to a solid line.

so I should be able to use these instead of specify the line type, but they are both using the default glissando line type in Dorico.

I made the attached MusicXML file in Finale 27 to test this out.

This imports into Dorico as:

glissando.musicxml.zip (2.1 KB)

Okey, for me the imported file looks like this in Dorico:

Skärmavbild 2022-01-19 kl. 01.52.50

Is this behavior changed in Dorico 4 (I cannot find it in the Dorico 4.0 Version History)? I still run 3.5…

Now I get it. The importing of glissando line-style is an option in Preferences. :grinning:

And the setting also say it work with text, and it does! Not the text in your example file, but if I specify the text gliss. or port. (as the options in the engraving settings) it works!

Thanks anyway!

Ah, great. If you specify some other arbitrary text in the MusicXML file, I’m sure that won’t work, but “gliss.” and “port.” should be handled, since those are the texts Dorico can show on glissando lines itself.