Extended Insert routing and better Freeze

Hi all, these are the two main features i do really need the most to be implemented, i’ll explain them below (and the workarounds i’m using to accomodate my workflow).

Extended insert routing, so right now the three main DAWs i’m looking forward for this topic are Studio One, Reaper and Ableton. I do really need this feature because the ability to create parallels inside inserts and pointing to a specific node of the chain to get a sidechain signal directly from the previous inserts it’s really important in my mixing workflow. I’ve managed to get around this miss by using PatchWork which is like the dream for custom routings, it would be amazing to have that type of flexibility.

Better Freeze, i find awful the fact that you can’t freeze any track type aside from Audio and Instrument tracks. This is just nonsense, i do understand how a big of change it is but really, sometimes it would just be priceless to be able to freeze a big group track or an FX channel. (Pro Tools, Reaper and Ableton can do this.)

Hope you find this topic interesting, maybe i’m not the onlyone praying for these two features

Welcome, @alessandro.pasini12

It would have been better to separate each feature request in its own thread : this makes things more manageable for Steinberg team members. Not a big deal, though. This said…

For the first one, I’m OK with any routing improvement in Cubase, even if I don’t have the same needs as you : sidechaining is very rarely used, on my end - I’m stuck at the automation era.

OTOH, I don’t get the second one : group and FX tracks have actually the same implementation and there is neither audio nor VSTi in their content. From which, there is nothing to freeze, IMO. So, maybe you are asking for a Freeze Selected Tracks command, which indeed is lacking, but maybe the PLE can help for this. I haven’t check, I admit…

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Yes that’s what i was talking about in the freeze request, i would really love to have “Freeze selected tracks” as an option for group channels. I’ll discuss a little more about how i see this implemented in other daws, basically in Pro Tools you can freeze aux tracks and by freezing them you’re actually rendering the signal coming into the aux/track. This became a big of a deal when i’ve realize that in Cubase you can’t freeze aux/group tracks, you can just freeze for example all the audio tracks flowing into a group but not the group itself, this most of the time leaves my project with a big amount of freezed tracks linked to many big rendred regions. This approach, compared to the pro tools one, has an impact not only on your workflow but also on the project performances because of how many rendered tracks you have to keep live in playback (as said above, the result of an aux freeze in pro tools is just one rendered wav file without any unnecessary render from the tracks flowing into the aux).

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