Extended keyboard page up and down buttons

The page up and down buttons on my extended keyboard don’t move the music up and down as expected. They seem to be set up correctly in key commands in preferences. Maybe I’m doing something wrong? These are very important keys for me, specifically because I have a foot pedal attached.

Are you perhaps zoomed out sufficiently far that there is no reason for the page to move up and down? If the whole height of the page fits into the view, then the score will not move vertically when you type Page Up/Down.

I see what you mean. Now that I zoom in (a lot) then these buttons work. However, what I was hoping for was to view each page at full height and be able to turn pages and/or spreads just as with that ‘other’ program. If that’s not currently possible, will it be something that you implement?

You should find that if the whole page fits in view and you’re using the horizontal spreads page arrangement, Home/End do what you want.