Extended timecode precision for Marker CSV Export

It would be very helpful to be able to export markers to CSV with full timecode precision. In some post-processing workflows, having sample-accurate marker data is a must. In our particular situation, we are exporting marker data to a game engine to allow for transitions between different sections. The transitions need to line up exactly because they are intended to seamlessly crossfade between two identical sections of audio. Having a checkbox option to export in seconds with decimal or samples would be marvelous. We just need the precision maintained in some format.

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Export & import CSV for marker tracks

“I’ve got a few thousand audio clips, all with associated cycle markers, and I am exporting the markers as .CSV, editing the markers in Google Sheets, and then importing the edited markers back into Nuendo. I’m doing this so I can perform a cycle export of all the thousands of clips, each with the proper file name as reflected in the edited cycle marker list. Editing all this stuff is a lot easier in a spreadsheet. But, when I re-import the edited cycle markers into Nuendo, they don’t land at the right spot. Look at the attached screen shot and you can see there’s about a 15 ms difference between the placement of the original marker and the re-imported marker. The differences are not uniform. Some are good, others are pretty far off. But the placement is rarely exact. Is this because the markers are exported in timecode format, not seconds, so my markers whose starting edge fall between frames just get dropped off at the closest frame? If this is the case, is there an option to export markers using seconds instead of timecode? If so, I can’t find it!”

CSV Marker export

[Translation] I wanted to export a marker track as a CSV in order to further process the time specifications as [seconds.milliseconds] in another software. Lo and behold: the time information is exported as time code (hh:mm:ss:ff, 30 fps probably from the project settings), which in turn is saved as text in a spreadsheet program such as Excel or Open Office Calc - tedious to convert and convert to that by hand Desired format (decimal, 3 places after the decimal point). Wouldn’t it be nice if options were offered during the export (time code? / sec.ms.? / . . . ?) - or did I miss something?")

Reference documentation for feature

Nuendo 12 > Table of Contents > Markers > Importing and Exporting Markers > CSV Files > Exporting Markers as CSV Files

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