Extended track filters at the arrangement window

It would be nice to add further options for filtering tracks in the arrangement window.

E.g. muted tracks, tracks with mute parts, etc… any further ideas ?!

Backround: after having rendered my project tracks to audio and mixed with plenty of plugins with render in place to “pure audio files with effects”, the muted tracks and parts could immediately be deleted, so that i can select all “pure audio files” and send them to analog output for analog mastering…


This is all available from the Project Logical Editor. There are some presets to help you get started in the Visibility folder of the PLE.

Hello Steve,

thanks for your reply. Good advice, too !
Had a look for the PLE.

I meant visibility of audio tracks after “render in place” - mute old tracks.

“Render in place” should mute the tracks inspector “M”, too, so the PLE could solve this.


Your signature says Cubase 8.0.10. Unless you actually have Cubase Artist 8.0.10, you will find the PLE in the Edit menu. :slight_smile: