Extender line alignment with italic

Extender lines don’t seem to align with the bottom of italic words. The ‘normal’ lyrics do align, but when I use the italic functionality for non-sung words (like Nn_____ and nn_____) the italic word seems to become superscript-like (ie it jumps up from the baseline) but the extender line doesn’t move. Non-italic text aligns perfectly (using a thinner-than-default extender line size of 3/25). Bug or am I doing something wrong? [I don’t need/want a work-around like using text and a line, thanks.] Using Dorico on a Mac

What fonts are you using? Can you attach a cut-down project that exhibits the problem?

Thanks for the quick response, Daniel. Goudy Old Style for lyrics. Will do a cut-down project in the morning.

Hmm. I changed the lyrics font from Goudy Old Style to Sorts Mill Goudy (Google font) and the extensions now line up as wanted/correctly. (I presume you can replicate this scenario?) I’m just wondering why this is so? And if there are any font families that should be avoided for lyrics?

Font metrics.

As in ‘the base line of the italic version of Goudy Old Style has been designed differently’, on purpose? In which case, there should be known fonts to avoid. Maybe it’s just trial and error. But it still seems odd that Roman and Italic versions are designed differently - I shall Google it and get down in the weeds!