Extending beam over rests

I’ve discovered how to extend a beam over a rest (to the left in this instance). I would like to extend the beam further than the default. Is this currently possible, and if so, how? Also if I have a quaver triplet, where only the middle quaver is a pitch - so that it’s preceded and followed by quaver rests, can I get rid of the flag and have a beam extending left and right?

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Ian Schofield

Take a look at the options on the Beaming page of Notation Options, where you can set up the default approach for how rests should participate in beaming.

Thank you for that, However, I did go there and I could achieve the beaming I wanted, but with stemlets. Can I get rid of the stemlets? It’s extremely likely that I’m missing something blindingly obvious and it’s it’s not an urgent necessity. I’m just attempting a few bars of Bartok 5th string quartet, to familiarize myself with Dorico.

Ian Schofield

I will check with James, who is our beaming guru, but I believe at the moment you can only have a beam extending over a rest at the start or end of a beamed group if it shows a stemlet. I’ll come back to you tomorrow about this.

Is there a way to do this as a preset with Dorico 4? I find it very tiring to force it again after changing something. I think the function should be in the Notation Options.

You should be able to show a stemlet on only that rest and then adjust its length in Engrave mode such that it doesn’t appear.

Sorry that seems to be a misunderstanding. I was looking force steamlet beam and couldn’t find it because I was looking in the notation options. I think it should be there as a preset option.

There is now an option to extend beams to rests, but without showing a stemlet coming off the beam – Library > Notation Options > Beam Grouping > Beams and Rests.

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…and, of course, the option to show stemlets by default is to be found in Notation Options, on the Beam Grouping page.

(And thanks for reminding me about that option, Lillie, which was, if memory serves, added in Dorico 3.5, which is a heck of a lot more recent than the original posts in this thread.)

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“I’m simply beaming thanks to Dorico’s beaming developments” etc etc

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@Lillie_Harris Thank you for your insights! This is very helpful. Is there a way to display beams over rests only on selected passages? For example, I would like beams over rests here (see pic below), but not in the rest of the score.

In the image below, to change the appearance from what is in the first bar to what is in the second bar, I did the following:

  1. selected the note in the middle of the triplet, went into Properties and selected Partial beam direction > Left in the Beaming section;
  2. selected the last chord and, in the drop-down contextual menu (which is invoked by right-clicking on the chord), chose Beaming > Beam Together.

In Engrave mode, many objects can be re-positioned either by dragging with the mouse or by using alt/opt + left/right arrow keys. In this situation, it appears that only the vertical position of a beam’s edit handles can be changed, not the horizontal.
In Engraving Options > Beams > Appearance > Design, you can change the partial beam length (default is 1 5/24 spaces), but this will affect ALL partial beams as it is a global setting. The beams I changed are shown in the image above with Partial beam length set to 3. With the default setting they were considerably shorter.