extending midi note length in input transformer

I use a ZenDrum which sends immediate note-off events right after it sends the note-on event. This can cause problems as some programs expect at least a millisecond of note duration for the instrument to work properly.

Is there a way to use input transformer to delay the note-off event by some number of milliseconds, but letting the note-on event pass unscathed?

AFAIK, this is possible with the Logical Editor or a MIDI function such as ‘Fixed length,’ but these don’t work on realtime. The Input Transformer, which is more or less the ‘realtime’ version of the Logical Editor, sadly lacks its ‘Length’ filter target value.

But you could try to lengthen the notes in realtime with the MIDI modifier ‘Length comp.’ set at a value of, say, 10/1, then make its effect permanent with the ‘MIDI/Freeze MIDI modifiers’ menu option. Worth a check, maybe, as I guess that even if the notes off messages seem to be sent immediatly after the notes on ones, there must be a minimal amount of delay between the two, manageable by this modifier…

Thanks - did try the MidiModifier insert, adjusting “Len Comp” to various settings, but I think there’s just no finite value of time for it to multiply. Also tried splitting “Note Ons” from “Note Offs” and delaying the latter, then sending both tracks to the same instrument - no dice.

Might have to get a third party in-line midi processor of some sort…

Hmmm… Just looked in this document here (http://www.zendrum.com/Docs/Zendrum_Z4_Manual-ZAP.pdf) and it is clearly stated in it, p.26, in the remarks concerning ‘Velocity note on/note off’ :

Note off
follows note
on @ 10ms

So, I tried with my Akai MPD32 controller and the shortest notes I can get are 17 ms long (guess I’m not as quick as should be…), which correspond to 23 ticks in Cubase at a project tempo of 168 (see the screenshot), therefore perfectly manageable by it. I also tried the ‘Lenght compression’ Modifier at a value of 3/1, combined with the ‘MIDI/Freeze MIDI modifiers’ command on such notes and I indeed get notes at around 50-65 ms of length.

This should be enough for any usage, as the MIDI modifier is applied just on the dedicated MIDI track used for your Zendrum controller. It should prevent you from bothering about any finite value for the ‘Length comp.’ modifier.

So, I suggest you to give it a try again… Recording few strokes from the Zendrum, what are the actual note lenghts of them obtained in the list editor ?