Extending MIDI Notes on the fly

I do not know whether this is a new issue or has been there a while…I never spotted it in Cubase 5 or earlier

When I am editing a MIDI Part (let’s say a piano part) I normally play the track and open the MIDI Note editor window with the “keep up to current position” function set, so that the window scrolls along with the song…I can then see the notes coming up ahead as the music plays…

If I want to extend a specific note, I normally select it and drag it right (thus extending its length)

My issue is this, if I start to drag the note, but the scroll takes it pass the point where it is visible (i.e. it has go passed that visibility point) the extension creates a very very long (Black) note across the whole of the editor window at which point I have to stop the track and ^Z to undo it
I would prefer that the extension function stops as soon as the note loses it visibility on the current view of the track rather than create this very long erroneous note

Is there a setting to stop this happening?

Dissable autoscroll?

Hi Ralphie…no… I like really like the fact that it autoscrolls :slight_smile: it just drives me nuts when the a 5 bar note is created simply because I was not fast enough to drag it right before the window moved on

Slow down playback speed (tempo)?

sorry then I’m not sure what you are after.

Set your horizontal zoom so that enough bars show so you won’t end up dragging beyond the visible window.

You could also set up key commands to turn autoscroll on and off. Then you could temp. turn it off until your edit is done.

There is also the function “Suspend Autoscroll When Editing” It’s in the toolbar next to the Follow icon.

That’s the one I meant

Ok folks , thanks, will try that then :slight_smile: