Extending percussion playback duration

I know that with pitched instruments one can alter playback duration in play without affecting the written duration. Is there a comparable way to lengthen the duration of unpitched percussion without changing their written length, or is such a capability envisioned “down the roadmap”?

I am thinking of such instances as a tam-tam or a cymbal that a player might strike and leave to vibrate (w/ an l.v. tie) while moving on to strike other instruments.

Have you tried activating the Playback end offset property for the note in Write mode and adjusting the duration that way?

I could try it, but I cannot find instructions how to use it (what the numbers signify).
(@Lillie_Harris help please when you have a chance.)

That number is in ticks, there are 480 ticks per quarter note. So the realized offset duration depends on the tempo at that moment. But perhaps it is easier to simply lengthen the note in play mode?

Sorry, on this one I can’t be any help I’m afraid. I’ve added it to my list of things to add to the manual though, thanks.

(So, apparently, to keep a quarter note in the Tam-Tam alive will require a large number. I’ll have to consult my calculator. :slightly_smiling_face:)

Thank you both. That will help me a great deal.