Extending range selection by clicking a marker

Is it possible to extend a range selection to a marker by clicking it? Attached is a screen recording demonstrating what I’m talking about in PT. Note: To get the end of the range selection to jump to the second marker, I held shift as I clicked the marker.

I realize you can double click with the range tool in between markers and it will select all tracks between the two markers. I also realize you could set your snap to ‘events’ and the range tool would snap to the markers.

Those workarounds are adequate, but I’m curious if anyone has figured out how to get ranges to extend to markers on a specific track by clicking on the actual marker! Perhaps it is super obvious and just hidden under my nose, but I’m stumped!

Selection Example

  1. activate range tool.

  2. double click on a marker

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Respectfully, I’m not sure you honed in on what I’m trying to figure out. I don’t want the range to span all tracks (or all tracks between the one I’m editing and the marker track). I just want to be able to get the range to extend to a marker on the one track I’m editing.

I see, fair enough.

It’s not possible. In your gif are you saying Pro Tools can do this?

Thanks for looking into it further. Yes, it is possible and was a common workflow for me when I used ProTools. After 20 years in PT, I jumped ship to Cubase and I’m so glad I did… but old habits can be hard to break. I run into little snags when it comes to editing because I’m still adjusting to the way Cubase separates event selection and range selection. It is a really cool concept but still a little bit foreign to me!

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One thing (of the many) to keep in mind with the range tool.

We can have a range set, ok? And at the same time we can have some other tracks selected from the track list, ok? And then we can use the command “Enlarge range to next event” that will enlarge the range on our track incrementally, stepping through the positions of the events on those other, selected tracks!

This means we can select a marker track, plop a range where we want it (on any other track(s)), and then just use this command, which will extend the range to the next event (in this case the next marker)

I understand this is not a mouse based operation, as you would probably like, but I’m bringing it up anyway, since it’s indicative of Cubase’s style of workflow.


Amazing! I was trying the “enlarge range to next event” shortcut yesterday, but I had no idea that it would include events on other selected tracks.

Thank you for the pro tip!

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