Extending / Shortening Slurs from keyboard

Dear Dorico Team or fellow users…

I know that Dorico can extend or shorten hairpin cresc. or decresc. markings with the Shift-opt-right or left arrow while in Write mode. It would be nice if the same method were available for slurs to attach to the next or previous note. Is there another (different) way to do this with slurs that I am not aware of?


Not yet, but it’s been mentioned that it’s planned.

What puzzles me, is that (currently) only the ending point of a slur can be moved via keyboard shortcuts, but not the starting point (cf. current latest version of operation manual on p. 671). I find this missing functionality to be a huge time saver on another comparable programs.
Dear Daniel, are there any plans to add this feature to DORICO as well?

You certainly can do this. Use ALt-L/R arrow to move the slur itself (starting point and all), then lengthen or shorten using Alt-Shift-arrows.

Dear Dan,
thanks for your reply! You’re right of course, but I find this way of moving slurs still a bit clunky compared to other comparable programs and certainly with regard to the otherwise very elegant and effective way Dorico is handling other such issues.

Well, we don’t anticipate changing this. The neat thing about Dorico’s approach is that the same key commands work for all types of items with durations: Alt+left/right moves the position of the item (you can think of this as moving the left-hand end of the item), Shift+Alt+left/right changes its duration (you can think of this as moving the right-hand end of the item).

Wouldn’t it maintain consistency if Shift+Alt+left/right moved the left end (only) of the slur when that end is selected?

Dear Kim,
You cannot select one end of a slur. Not in Write mode (where you really set the anchors of the slur). Hence the (remarkable) explanations given by Daniel above.

I was suggesting a way that the requested behaviour might be implemented without breaking consistency.

Not intending to nitpick, but what you suggested would indeed be inconsistent. Shift-Alt-arrow never changes the starting point of the item it’s lengthening or shortening, only the endpoint.

The box seems a bit tight and I’m trying to think outside it.

I’ve been using this tight box happily for 2.5 years now, and I find this consistent behavior very pleasant and very efficient. But don’t refrain yourself to think outside the box, after all it’s the best way to make things even better!

Then I would like to suggest Ctrl+Shift+Alt+L/R to change size from the left end.

Quick wish list item: I would love it if the Slur command (S) worked as a toggle just like the tenuto or staccato key commands so that you could enter slurs in as you go. Currently, if you are in note-entry mode, you can enter a note, hit S so that it slurs to the next note, however when you hit S again it does not turn the function back off so you can keep entering notes without slurs. This would be a great productivity booster. Thanks!

Romanos, you can use Shift+S to turn a slur off. You can’t use S as a toggle because then you couldn’t have nested slurs. And yes, they’re a thing. See https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=139020#p748045 (this has come up before).

Pianoleo, your “yes they’re a thing” comment made me chuckle. I know I’ve posed a few questions before, but yes, I know about nested slurs lol. Pretty standard.

Nevertheless, thanks for the tip. I’m thrilled!

Sorry, didn’t mean to patronise. They’re not that common and I certainly should’ve noticed you’re an organist and thus likely familiar with them!

No worries at all. As I said, it made me chuckle. I’m just glad (as always) that Dorico is one step ahead of me (as always). :slight_smile: