Extension field is not shown

Hi. I’ve already registered my Cubase 11pro and the extension field is not shown at Audio Menu.
Could anyone please help me on this?

Which version of Cubase ?
ARA2 is only in Pro and Artist

I Know that. I have version 11 pro

see the note: halfway down this page

I’ve seen that to. I just don’t understand the “right-click the info line” . Where is that info line?

sorry to post links - but it’s easier than trying to describe it:

near the top of the project window

and random youtube showing how to enable it

Sorry :frowning: I didn’t solve it yet
My Cubase view

the info line is shown there ok - is there no option to right-click and add ?

You mean this?

Richt click result

ok. There is something new to me. A friend has told me that I have to instal it from Steinberg Download Assistant. Spectral Layers Pro 7?

Cubase Pro 11 comes with Spectralayers One - but the installer is the same - it will pick up the correct licence when it starts up.