extent line of technique

Hello all,

The Feature Overview PDF says this: “Any playing technique can be drawn with a hooked line or arrow to clearly show its extent”

I’d really like to use this (excellent) feature but can’t find out how to do it anywhere. Is it implemented already?

Best, Michael

I think it would appear in the properties panel, when you select the technique. I know it works for trill, for instance…

Thanks Marc. I’m still confused though. I see I can put a trill over several notes by first selecting all the notes, then clicking on the trill. That extends a line over them all. But doing this with a playing technique doesn’t do the same thing and I don’t see anything in the properties that would let me edit this “by hand”. Best, Michael

I’m afraid that line is not quite right in the PDF, and I will fix it as soon as it is practical do so. It is planned that we should draw continuations for playing techniques with lines and arrows, but we haven’t had a chance to complete this yet.

Ah, OK, thanks Daniel, I thought something like that might be the case. Best, Michael

Hi Daniel,

Will the update with lines and arrows for playing techniques be in the next update after this upcoming autumn 2017 update?


I can’t say for sure, I’m afraid.


the following techniques would be helpful if the line extension is supported:

  • Sul ponticello
  • Sul tasto

Dorico already supports line extension for “gradual tempo change”.
Could this feature be implemented for the playing techniques?

Currently, we can do it by using the pedal lines, but it is very inconvenient, particularly when the line is extended across systems…

We do of course plan to make it possible to add extension lines to any and all playing techniques in future.

Thank you for your confirmation!