External analog gear & WaveLab on Mac

Hi there. I hope I’m wrong about this. I do audio mastering. I’ve picked up Wavelab 8.5 hoping to do some of my work on my Mac computers. However, it’s looking like there’s going to be a problem getting out to my analog processing chain and back to record the result (or rather, “render”, as I gather the WaveLab terminology goes) into another stereo pair in Wavelab. The manual says that the interface MUST be using an ASIO driver for the “External Gear” ASIO plug-in to work…
I use a Weiss AFI1 AES/Firewire interface. As far as I know, the Mac driver for this is going to be Core Audio and not ASIO compliant. I’ve sent a message to Daniel to ask him about that but maybe someone here can help me out with this in the meantime… There is an ASIO Windows driver but that doesn’t help me much on the Mac. I could Bootcamp into Windows 7 as I do to run Sadie, but the problem with Bootcamp is I can’t run my UAD-2 plug-ins properly (UAD-2 and Bootcamp is not a happy marriage)… Ho hum. Looks like I’m off to the PC store… Am I right?
It surprises me if this is the case - to port a mastering app to the Mac if it’s unable to play well with external analog gear - we’re all pretty addicted to the analog side. So hopefully there’s a reasonable workaround?

It works also with core audio drivers, on the Mac. Did you try the External Gear plugin?

Thanks, PG! That’s a relief! No - I hadn’t had time to try it yet - but I saw the stern-sounding warning in the manual that an ASIO driver was a necessity. That’s great news - I’ll try it today. Thanks for your response.
Cheers, David

Just to tell you I use a MacBookPro for many years and I am using WaveLab with a RME UCX interface I am very happy with!
I can use either the USB driver or the Firewire driver (may be more often as the MacbookPro as only 2 USB ports) and one USB port is always used by the WaveLab dongle.
I never had any problem: the drivers are rock-solid and the RME totalMix FX Mixer given with the interface is very friendly to use albeit quite impressive at first !
I had RME hardware for years to connect my Tascam DAT to my Mac ( I think it was in 2004) with a Mac PowerPC still in operation !!!