External Clocking [bugbase]

‘Externally Clocked’ checkbox is checked in Device Setup>ASIO.
If an external clock source is present but cubase was launched before the clock cource was turned on Cubase keeps an internal clock source and the change has to be made manually.


  1. Launch Cubase
  2. Check ‘Externally Clocked’ checkbox in Device Setup>ASIO.
  3. Turn on the clock.

Hardware used
Lynx AES 16e card and Lavry Blue AD/DA

Cubase is capable of detecting the clock and what’s the checkbox for anyway when there is a drop down menu too? An option is needed which makes cubase use an external clock whenever one is present, regardless of whether cubase was launched before the clock was switched on or not.

OK, I just realised that if I have the box ‘externally clocked’ UNCHECKED then it links to an external clock when I turn it on, even when I launch Cubase before I turn it on.

So it does work how I’d like it to but it’s a bit counter-intuitive, no? To have the thing externally clocked automatically you have to make sure NOT to check the box marked ‘externally clocked’.

This is in Cubase 6 by the way…

And now today it didn’t work the way that I said it did in that last post for some odd reason.

So, I’ll shut up about this but it’s a bug so fix it!