External Compressor with Cubase 5

I’ve already checked the manual, and I can’t seem to fix my problem. I have an Alesis 3630 compressor running out of my M-audio Firewire 410 box. It is running using two outputs and two inputs as a stereo send/return. The problem is that whenever I activate the external effect on a channel in Cubase, the audio returns to only one channel, one side.

Any ideas?



Double check your routing and cables.

For what it’s worth there are a lot better internal compressors than a 3630!!!

All the routing is correct, but its not working properly! For what its worth, I know the 3630 isnt the best, but I want some practice with outboard gear.

Check out the bugbase at the top of the forum.

I didnt see a response pertaining to me issue in the Bugbase post

Try plugging a loop through, from you interface out to In’s i.e without the compressor in circuit. To eliminate any internal routing problems.

Swap both L and R input and output cables and check if the problem moved from one side to another.