external DAC and ADC


Is it possible to set up WaveLab to use two different convertors, one for the way in and one for the way out? When I choose my ADC, for example, in the preferences as the audio input, it automatically chooses the same for the output. And vice-versa.


Rich Costey

You can only use a single audio device in WaveLab.

WaveLab can use only one interface but two things come to mind.

  1. I use an RME AES card as my main interface so that I can decide which converters are my ADC and DAC. The converters are connected to the RME card via AES.

  2. I don’t know Windows at all but on Mac, you can make an aggregate audio device so you might be able to make an aggregate audio device in the Audio MIDI Settings arranged how you’d like, and then choose that as the interface in WaveLab, that might get the results you’re looking for.

I’m glad you mentioned the Mac aggregate device because it made me wonder if ASIO4ALL would do this on Windows. Trying it I don’t see why not. Install ASIO4ALL and select it in Wavelab, and it should see your USB DAC and ADC (if they are USB) and you can select their inputs and outputs in Wavelab. Without AES. The only downside (or maybe it’s not a downside if you record at source rate) compared to two computer pitch and catch is they have to run at the same rate (I think), and you probably have to clock the DAC from the ADC, or vice-versa.

Or maybe there’s a way to run two instances of Wavelab on one computer each with a different interface (and different rates?), but I think this way with ASIO4ALL would work too, at least for same rate stuff. I think.