External Device Plugin: Latency Detection varies

Hi there,

I use Nuendo 4.3 - when I use an external device with the ASIO plugin and let the plugin detect the latency caused by the loopback, it comes up with a different latency measurement every time.

I use an AES-16 card an UA 2192 converter.

The last time I was in a masterin studio in town with Nuendo 4.3, they had the same issue.

Any idea what causes this variation? How do I know when Nuendo found the right latency compensation setting?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Which particular external device?

Did you read the manual of this device in order to use the correct procedure for checking the latency?


Some devices simply do have a variable latency.
On some digital devices, the latency varies from preset (program) to preset.
Tweaking parameters can change the latency.
And some analog gear -like compressors- simply don’t have a fixed latency, it varies accordingly with the “strain” that is applied to the compressor.