External device

Hi everyone.
I need a suggestion.
How can I send midi data to an external device (in my case a Korg Kronos).
I would need to send, for example, a program change midi parameter.
Thanks for the support.

… there are various way to send MIDI events to your external device.

You could use a MIDI Track :

Or you could use a Layer:

See you,

Hi micheal,
Thanks for the reply.
I used exactly the same method but VL doesn’t send anything to the Kronos (external keyboard).
What am I doing wrong?

From your screenshot it appears that you use an old version of VST Live.
Check vstlive.net for the latest version. The PGM Chg section looks like this now.

You need to send the data on your Kronos Global MIDI channel, which is 1 by default.

Thank you all for your support and availability.
I was using VL version 1.4.62.
I followed all the steps correctly but strangely it didn’t work.
I also did some tests using Cubase and everything was fine.
Then I installed the latest version of VL and everything worked correctly.
Thanks again for the support.