External editor for VST Expression Maps

Is it possible to use an external App for editing VST Expression Maps?
It would be awesome to use Textwrangler og Excel with a find & replace function.
Any help much appreciated

Assuming you mean Expression Maps, You can, just open it and after your edit and save, import it into Cubase.

Yes I know, but I was looking for an external editor that might ease the workflow!

The one you mentioned?

Well Textwrangler is a little bit struggling in the dark. Trial and error, you know.

The problem is an xml file editor needs to be customized for the various elements represented in the data, so one has to decipher the format oneself.

yes… an external editor would be the best! the internal, cubase editor is a shame… no copy funktion, nothing … editors in this style a used in the 80’s… with COBOL…