External Editor (Spectralayers) from audio montage?

Am I missing something here? I exclusively work in audio montage when in Wavelab. I’ve been intrigued by Spectralayers, so I’m trying it out, but in order to open music from Wavelab in Spectralayers, I have to select it. Selecting the whole file in an audio montage isn’t allowed - I get an “you must select an audio range that is located inside the active audio clip” message. So I have to click and drag over an area inside of the file I’m trying to work on, which changes the length of the file etc…

Is there not a way to do this? Seems like a no brainer really.

I believe if you double click the top portion of the waveform, the entire clip/file will be precisely selected.

Ahhh! I need to select the range on the time line, not just the audio clip itself. Thank you, that’s the one.

No problem. I had a similar situation where if I wanted to externally edit just the end of a song, I would make a split near the end of the song and then then end of the file was the other natural boundary.

I couldn’t find a way to precisely select that smaller clip but then PG gave me the hint that if you double click in the very top part of the waveform (the top 1/4 of the clip), it will auto-select that entire clip. Nothing more, nothing less.