External effect still not working on 10.0.10

So installed the new update. When putting external FX plug-in on master section, everything’s OK when playing in real time through it.

When I save the master settings in the sub montage and activate the “render through master section”, when I update my sub montage render in the parent montage, I get a file with 0 length. That way of rendering works in 9.5.

When I put the external FX in an effect slot in the sub montage, then update it’s render in the parent montage, it’s rendering real time, but sends no signal to my DAC so it renders a silent file.

I’m on Win 10 Pro, with an RME PCI-Express soundcard.

External FX used with sub-montages is currently not supported, if this is the thing you are talking about.

Why ?

It was working with previous versions of Wavelab, I paid for the upgrade on day one but now feel kind of ripped off my money as it breaks a previous working feature…

I can reactivate this for next patch (I must admit I was not aware this workflow was used by anyone).

Thanks Philippe, that would be very nice !

working with submontages like this is great, as when doing a revision, recall or so, I can just re-update the master and everything else post processing (montage markers, fades on clips etc.) don’t have to be done again.

Hello Philippe,

this is still not working on the new patch. It seems to be bouncing in real time, but doesn’t send sound to the external loop so it gives a blank file.
Any ETA ?

Are you speaking about External FX used on a sub-montage? If yes, that was meant te fixed.
But I can look again if you confirm me the issue.

Yes that’s what I’m speaking about. It renders in realtime, but sends no sound so it bounces a blank file.

Hello PG,

I’m happy to report that it’s working fine in 10.0.3 !
I also very like the new audition feature, means I can monitor what’s captured instead of a copy of the analog ADC signal routed inside my mastering console.

Thanks !