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hey. i have the apollo twin usb and cubase 12 and I want to connect 2 mono compressor klark teknik kt-2a and I want to external effect, so that my signal passes through the lormones and return to the cubase and what cables I will use for balanced or unbalanced connections.


Here it is described how to set it up.

yes i have seen these! when I want to make a hardware mono will I have to connect balanced cables?


Read in your hardware devices manuals, if there are balanced connectors, please.

The manufacturer says that the inputs and outputs are balanced… Since there are 2 separate mono compressors in the external effects settings, should I do 2x mono/mono?


Then use the balanced cables, please.

Do you want to use it as one stereo pair? Then add Stereo Bus in Cubase.

yes, that’s how I’ve done it, but it’s heard from one speaker and from the left it’s heard a little… I can’t understand what’s happening… the settings are create a stereo bus and then send configuration—line out 3/4 apollo twin and return configuration–apollo input mic/line/ 1/2 channel correct so far?

Make sure input gain settings on the Apollo match for both channels.

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OK, I’ve done them… Then I open an fx channel aux in cubase and then look for the external effect folder in the plugin search?

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You can if you’re looking to do parallel compression. Otherwise just add the external fx on an insert slot of you channel or group bus.

OK thanks for all

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