External Effects and inactive ports

Hi there,
I’m a new member and I’m glad I joined the family.
Yesterday I re-installed Windows due to an hd upgrade (finally m.2) and since then I’m basically unable to use my external effects.
When I add one and set the audio send/return the ports remains inactive in the studio setup!
It Always worked before the reinstallation.
I’m using 2 Presonus quantum (daisy chained) with 2 spx 2000- 1 DBX 166XS and the DTX582(drum)
The problem occurs only with the external effects and evenually instruments.
When I set the drums IN they get activated.
You have any ideas?
It’s really frustrating…
Thanks in advance

I’m using a different daw and things work well.
I think this is the solution to my cubase problem. :laughing:

Best regards