External Effects - Cubase 12 Pro

Hi everyone. I am quite new to using cubase but nevertheless I am trying to get external effects to work. I have managed to set up the signal chain (i think). But my main question is why the original sound cuts when I am adding my external effect within the insert point in the track? I can only hear the sound returning from my external effect. If I mute the insert, then I hear the original soundtrack. Why is this?

I don’t use external effects but maybe this will help? Good luck. There are plenty of experts here! External Effects

Thank you!
I will check this out.

Hello and welcome!

This one is for me a good video on this subject, that oriented me very well when I wanted to use external FX. I have used external processing just a couple of times, though, but it works perfect. Only thing I noticed, if you are not using the insert, it loads your processor a little, even if it is switched off. If I switch it off with pressing alt, then it doesn’t load the cpu (my pc is relative old, though, an i7, but old).

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Chris Selim knows what he’s doing! You can trust this guy when it comes to Cubase.

I have seen a lot of his youtube sessions and they are great and leraningfull!
Thanks - I will check this out.

I am now one step further in the right direction. I found out that if I put my external effect into an insert directly it will cut the sound from the same track and direct the sound through this insert and through the external hardware. With this I am only able to listen to the output from my external effect and that don’t work for me. I then tried to add an effect channel in stead, used the send function to send to my external effect. Now I was able to listen to the original track and the external effect all togheter. Thank you everyone for helping me solve my issues!